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This video of Mera Junior-Amit Bhadana was published on his YouTube channel on October 22. which people have given a lot of love. Today, his video has got more than 4 million views.

Mera Junior-Amit Bhadana, Bio, Wiki

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When you’re chasing your dreams, sometimes hard work just isn’t enough. It is necessary to sacrifice for the sake of love. It is one such story.

In this story, Neeraj always aspired to get a high-ranking government job. But life had other plans for him. While his wife took care of the family and worked hard to make a living,

Neeraj had to face one set of failures after another. But she never gave up and had to face the harsh reality of life to get the life of her dreams. And all this saw many ups and downs in his relationship with his beloved son, but love prevailed in the end.

Mera Junior-Amit Bhadana Cast

  • Amit Bhadana
  • Sakshi Singh
  • Pavitra Sharma
  • Vandana Chopra
  • Rajan Chopra
  • Abhinav SeeShore
  • Seerat & Keerat
  • Shobha Jassi

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Q. Mera Junior-Amit Bhadana Release Date?

Ans. 22 October 2022.


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