UN chief: The "world is in big trouble"


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UN Secretary-General: "The world is in big trouble" as international community remains "gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction" amid a cascade of humanitarian, security and political crises. 

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António Guterres kicks off high-level week of the UN General Assembly with speech at UN headquarters in New York. 

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The war in Ukraine is expected to overshadow other new and protracted crises as world leaders meet at this year's UNGA. 

Why it matters:

Guterres urged leaders to not lose sight of the fact that other "conflicts and humanitarian crises are spreading — often far from the spotlight". 

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Divides are growing deeper. Inequalities are growing wider. Challenges are spreading farther," Guterres said. 

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What he's saying: 

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He said: "People are hurting — with the most vulnerable suffering the most." 

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The divergence between developed and developing countries – between North and South 

is becoming more dangerous by the day," he said on Thursday. 

Guterres called for global cooperation, saying that despite the challenges, he sees hope. 

By acting as one, we can nurture fragile shoots of hope." 

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