Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is already fueling drama around CeeDee Lamb after one bad game


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Of all the punishment CeeDee Lamb absorbed one game into the Dallas Cowboys season, the most significant hit 

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Just days after director of player personnel Stephen Jones made a pointed remark about Lamb’s performance in the team’s 

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Lamb catching only two of 11 passes thrown in his direction for 29 yards against Tampa certainly

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By Friday, Jerry Jones had seconded that notion with the same radio station, including some slightly more biting commentary. 

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For a team that was selling the idea of Lamb being a clear upgrade over Cooper just a few months ago, it was an eyebrow-raising 

That makes the early criticism a bit surprising, given that few players on offense played particularly

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But the quick and critical move toward Lamb’s performance also raises more problematic questions.  

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Not to mention a brewing comparison against Michael Gallup, who has also been celebrated in the past by Cowboys  


do i feel sorry for cowboys ? no  they set their self up every year . some player will play injure