Hori Reveals New Pokemon-Themed Designs For The Switch Split Pad Fit

Accessories maker Hori has announced it will team together with The Pokemon Company for the purpose of collaborating with The Pokemon Company to launch a the Pokemon-themed Partially Fitted Split Pads.

If you’ve missed it the Joy-Con-style controllers are a follow-up of the Hori’s Switch Split Pad Pro and will officially launch in the West as Switch Split Pad Compact. Switch Split Pad Compact. The controllers will be available in two different colors and the border in Japan they’re available in four colours colors – and with a new set of options to pick from!

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Hori has announced two new sets , including one featuring a Pikachu and Mimikyu pair, as well as one with Gengar. They’re scheduled to release this month in this region, but at the moment there’s no information on an upcoming local release. However, you can purchase international inventory from Play-Asia.Image: HORI

Switch Split Pad Fit/Compact controls Switch Compact and Split Pad control feature an ergonomic design with full-size analog sticks buttons, and the D-Pad. They don’t have the motion control, HD Rumble, NFC and an IR camera, or wireless functions.

The colors available locally are Light Gray and yellow as well as Apricot Red. The prices start at $49.99 USD per each, according to the official Hori USA website . They’re scheduled to be available in stores in the US in the coming month.

Do you have a view about these brand new Pokemon designs? Are you going to buy Switch Split Pad Compact Switch Split Pad Compact when it’s available in your area? Comment below. For more information read our previous blog article: [source]

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