Debuting fighter wins by TKO twice in one night at Russian MMA event

If it’s not a one-night tournament, MMA fighters don’t get to rack up two wins in a night. But sometimes, these things happen in MMA – especially Russian MMA.

At Open Fighting Championship 38 in Samara, Russia, Alexey Bukarev got a two-for-one special in his professional debut against Lyudvik Avetisyan.

It took Bukarev less than a minute to get a takedown and rain down hammerfists on Avetisyan, but the referee was quick to step in to stop the action – too quick.

Avetisyan returned to his feet and both fighters returned to their corners as the referee sorted out the result of the bout. Both were then brought to the center of the cage to announce Avetiysan as the winner, as if it were the conclusion of any other bout, with ring girls and all.

But Avetisyan wasn’t happy with the stoppage. He wanted to run it back, and he wanted the rematch to happen right then and there. Avetisyan got on the mic and challenged Bukarev to fight again. After just winning his pro debut without breaking a sweat, Bukarev appeared a little surprised that his second pro fight would take place so quickly, but he obliged.

A few moments later, the fighters were introduced again as if they hadn’t just completed an entire fight, and another bout began.

Only in Russian MMA.

In the second fight, Avetisyan made it out of the first round, but not much longer. Bukarev was smothering from the top again landing heavy ground and pound, with the stoppage coming midway through the (second) opening round.

Thanks to Caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman on X), you can watch the video of both finishes and everything that occurred in between.

From 0-0 to 2-0 in one night, Bukarev couldn’t have asked for a better night at the office. Avetisyan doubled his career loss total, going from 2-2 to 2-4. It’s unknown if the promotion paid both fighters double for having two separate fights on the same night.

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